Which type of cat litter is your favorite? Pros and cons

Hey everyone, I have two old cats that I really love. I used to use clay litter for them, but I got tired of it. It wasn’t good! So, I tried different kinds of litter.

First, I used grass seed litter. It was okay and not too expensive. But it got everywhere because it was so light. And it didn’t completely get rid of the smell. Then, I moved to a new place with carpet, and it got even worse.

Next, I tried walnut litter. It worked well and didn’t track much. But one of my cats has white fur and always got brown dust on his paws. So, I had to find something else.

Then, I tried pine pellet litter. It was cheap, but I had to change it a lot, and it didn’t control the smell well. Plus, one of my cats doesn’t cover her poop, and the other one pees a lot, so it didn’t work for them.

Finally, I tried clumping pellet litter called okocat. It was okay, but not great at controlling the smell. And the clumps broke apart when I cleaned the box. Plus, it was expensive.

I thought about trying silica litter, but I heard it might cause breathing problems, especially for my older cat who already has allergies.

Paper litter seemed like a bad idea because it’s like cat pee on paper all over the place. So, I didn’t bother trying it.

Now, I’m really frustrated because I can’t find a litter that works well and is safe for my cats. What’s important to me is that it controls the smell and doesn’t get everywhere. If you have any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.

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Based on your needs, I recommend trying a natural wheat-based litter. It’s known for its excellent odor control and minimal tracking. Brands like World’s Best Cat Litter or ökocat Natural Wheat Cat Litter might be worth considering. Make sure to monitor your cats’ reactions when switching to any new litter. Good luck!