Which one is better, cats or hamsters?

I’ve been wanting a pet for a while, and I think a hamster or cat would be wonderful. Which one would be ideal for a beginning, though, given I am unable to select both because of my parents and finances?

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Hamsters are relatively cheap pets compared to cats, dogs and guinea pigs. They’re really very small animals, and even though they’ll shove more food into their mouths than you’d think possible, overall it is actually quite a small amount.


Compared to dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, hamsters are comparatively inexpensive pets. Considering how tiny they are, the amount of food they will actually put in their mouths is actually rather small, despite the fact that they will put more than you would assume.

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Hamsters. They are fantastic if you go to work, and they are really adorable. When you leave, they will be heading to bed. They’ll be getting up when you return. All you need to do is feed it, change the water, clean the bedding once a week, and generally enjoy yourself with it. If you find the noise bothersome, you may alternatively purchase a silent wheel.