What's the Scoop on Finger Monkeys as Pets?

Hey guys, so my friend mentioned wanting to get a finger monkey as a pet, and I’m really curious about how that all works. What’s the deal with taking care of them and making sure they’re not annoyed? Are they much different from other pets?

Oh, and I heard you might need a permit to own one, so how does that whole process work? I know it’s kind of an unusual pet, but any insights would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!


Even with proper care, finger monkeys can be quite vocal and energetic. They can also be easily stressed and may bite or scratch if not handled correctly.


Pygmy marmosets are incredibly rare and exotic pets that come with specific, often expensive needs. Expect to spend around $500 or more each month on their food, care, and maintenance. This amount doesn’t include vet bills, and you’ll need a special vet experienced with exotic animals.

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