What do apartment owners do with dead pets?

Hi there,This may seem like a strange idea, but as an elderly pet owner, I started to wonder, what happens to pets that belong to people who live in apartments or who don’t own land when they pass away? Obviously, they can not be buried in the backyard like they can in a house, so is there somewhere they can go? It’s honestly a terrible thing to have to consider, but I have never given it any attention.

When pets belonging to apartment dwellers or those without land pass away, options typically include cremation or burial in a pet cemetery. Many veterinary clinics offer cremation services where owners can choose to keep the ashes or scatter them in a meaningful place. Some cities also have pet cemeteries where pets can be laid to rest with dignity.

Here are a couple of options for apartment dwellers or those without land concerning their pets after they pass away:

  1. Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations: Many shelters and rescues provide pet placement services tailored for situations where an owner can no longer care for their pet. By discussing your preferences with them beforehand, they can assist in finding a caring new home for your beloved companion.
  2. Pet Cremation Services: This option is prevalent, especially in urban settings. There are services dedicated to the dignified and respectful cremation of pets, offering choices such as returning the ashes or retaining them in an urn.

You can always call the Pet cremation services to bury it

Canadian vet tech here: you can still cremate pocket pets, and you don’t have to get the ashes back if that’s too upsetting for you.

The crematorium we use has a farm where they spread the ashes if people don’t want them back.

Personally, I don’t usually get ashes back even though I live in a house. I don’t want them sitting in my house, and it’s not how I grieve. I like to get paw prints made. We can do clay paw prints of any animal, and I think they’re nicer and cuter.

Also, if your pet was humanely euthanized at a vet, they have drugs in them that could harm or kill wildlife if the bodies were not buried deep enough and something dug them up and ate them.

Many cities have bylaws that don’t allow you to bury pets that were euthanized this way within city limits. Those that do allow it state that it needs to be at least 6 feet deep.