What are the best tough dog toys for heavy chewers?

I have a 9-month-old chocolate lab mix who has started chewing on household items like slippers and bath mats. This morning, I found a pen all chewed up, likely knocked over by my cat. She seems picky about what she chews and might have hidden one of our hats.

I’ve bought her lots of things recommended for dogs that chew a lot, but she destroys them in under an hour and has even ruined her bed. Does anyone have recommendations for chew-proof items or effective training methods to stop her from chewing on my things? I don’t mind if she chews her own stuff since I can replace those.


Just a piece of wooden strucure can deal with unwanted chewing behavious.

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For aggressive chewers, I highly recommend Goughnuts toys. They are strong and purposefully built to be durable. My dog hasn’t destroyed them yet, and they come in a variety of forms to keep your labs interested. They are also safe and designed to prevent choking dangers.

The Goughnuts MaXX is considered the best option for dogs that are heavy chewers. Made from heavy-duty rubber, this toy is designed specifically to withstand the powerful jaws of aggressive chewers. One of its standout features is the safety indicator: a red layer inside the toy that becomes visible when the outer layer is worn down, signaling that it’s time to replace the toy to ensure your dog’s safety.

It sounds like your lab mix is using her chewing to investigate her surroundings. Try providing her with sturdy chew toys like Kong or Nylabone to reroute her behavior; you can even freeze them to add more appeal. Giving her consistent praise for chewing on the right things might also be beneficial. To receive individualized advice, think about speaking with a qualified dog trainer.