What are some suitable dog toys for aggressive chewers?

My chocolate lab mix is 9 months old and she’s started chewing on household stuff like slippers and bath mats. I found a pen chewed up this morning. She’s picky about what she chews and might have hidden one of my hats. I’ve tried everything recommended for chewy dogs, but she chews through it quickly, even destroyed her bed. Any advice on toys or training to stop her from chewing my stuff?

As a dog owner with a serious chewer on my hands, I’ve learned the hard way that not all toys are created equal! Regular plush toys don’t stand a chance. My best finds have been super-strong rubber toys like Kongs or Goughnuts – they’re tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic gnawing. Some even have grooves to hold treats, keeping my pup busy and mentally stimulated while they chew.

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Hey @TailTales4! Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s definitely a learning process with chewy pups. I’ve had similar luck with rubber toys like Kongs and Goughnuts, they’re lifesavers.