What are some important things about microchips for pets that people often overlook or aren't aware of?

I recently got a puppy and the breeder handed me a card with her microchip details, linked to a company called SmartTrace. Curious, I visited their website and found some unsettling info, prompting me to dig deeper.

As it turns out, you’re not bound to register your pet’s microchip with the company listed on the card. Many companies out there charge exorbitant fees for updating your information, but there are plenty of more affordable or even free options available.

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but in my past experiences, I’ve always been directed to register at a specific site without realizing I had other choices. Just thought I’d share this tidbit here to help others out.

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Pet identification microchips are essential, but they work only if they are registered with current contact information.

They do not use GPS to track position. Pets can have their microchips read for life and are painless.

Make sure the data on the chip is still readable by checking it frequently during veterinary visits.

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I agree with you a hundred % my guy… The problem with Pet identification microchips, it doesn’t track location. Just visit the vet to confirm the information is visible please

Microchips are crucial for pet identification, but many overlook:

  1. Ensuring info is up-to-date

  2. Scanning pets regularly

  3. Chipping indoor-only pets

  4. Backup ID tags in case the chip malfunctions.

Just be active…