Signals of a Dogs body language

Hey guys I thought I should share this here for dog lovers,:dog2::100:


When it comes to understanding my dog’s body language, I’ve learned that there are several key signals to look out for. For instance, a relaxed dog will often have a soft, open mouth and a loose posture, with ears that are either neutral or slightly back. A happy dog will also display a relaxed facial expression, with eyes that are soft and not hard or staring. Additionally, a wagging tail is often a sign of excitement or friendliness, while a tucked tail can indicate fear or submission. Furthermore, a dog’s ears can also convey their emotions, with ears forward indicating alertness or excitement, and ears back indicating fear or submission. By paying attention to these signals, I can better understand my dog’s emotional state and respond accordingly, which helps strengthen our bond and ensures a more harmonious relationship.


It seems like this is the very first guide that I’ve viewed without numerous comments debating the accuracy of the guide…pleasant.

Thanks for this Feathered Pal. My dog is highly anxious and it has helped me to learn about this kind of thing so I can try to keep his stress levels down.

Could someone please clarify the “Respect!” parts? Does this indicate that the dogs are appreciating us or that they want us to treat them with respect (by not stroking them or respecting their boundaries, etc)?