S purina cat food good

I have been feeding Purina Indoor Cat Chow to my cat for the last five years. Lately, I have come across a lot of claims :star:mostly on Facebook :star:that the FDA sent out a notice and that Consumer Reports said various things about it. I am worried: will my cat be harmed by this food, or are so many people worrying about nothing? Although I have never experienced any problems with it, I am concerned when I hear of pets being sick or worse. What are your thoughts on this?

It makes sense to be concerned after viewing allegations on the internet. The FDA looks at concerns about pet food, but as of right now, Purina Indoor is not the subject of any notices. Keep an eye on your cat’s health; if they appear content and healthy on this diet, everything should be well. But rather of checking Facebook for updates, if you’re worried, speak with your veterinarian or visit the FDA website.

The Concerning Details:

FDA Oversight: While the FDA oversees pet food safety, there’s presently no official FDA notification concerning Purina Indoor Cat Chow.
Consumer Reports: Although Consumer Reports is a reputable source, they haven’t released any reports on Purina Cat Chow causing illnesses according to their website. However, there have been consumer concerns expressed regarding their pets’ health after consuming Purina food.
Key Considerations:

Unverified Speculation: Information circulated on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, may lack accuracy. It’s crucial to critically evaluate online content.
Your Cat’s Well-being: If your cat has been thriving on Purina Indoor Cat Chow for an extended period without any health issues, it’s a positive indication.