Pet owners of Pet Talk Forum, I want to get a hamster. Is it worth it?

Or some kind of tiny, hairy animal. Cats or puppies are regrettably not a possibility. That being said, is owning a hamster worthwhile? I’ve never had so many goldfish in my possession. Furthermore, how does owning a hamster feel? Regards!

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They are loving little balls of cute, but alas, they are short-lived.

If you handle them a lot, they will be as friendly as any other pet. They will bond with you and even adjust their sleep schedule to have more interaction with you.

We gave our hamsters Habitrail housing, which they greatly enjoyed. These are tidy animals, especially the females. One little room in the Habitrail maze became the bathroom— their choice, not ours—which meant that most daily cleanup was just removing and washing out that one little plastic room.

We hamster-proofed all the furnace vents in the house with wire cloth, and at night, we opened the Habitrail cage and let them roam freely. They were always back home by morning. We never found any little ‘calling cards’ as they would go back into their Habitrail and use that little room