My cats meow is weak and raspy

This morning, I heard my cats meow in a new way, like it was lower and scratchy. By tonight, it’s almost gone. We got a new kitten less than a week ago, and they’ve been playing rough. I think that might be why. The kitten had fleas, but we gave it medicine. I read online that a virus could be the reason. The older cat is only 2 years old, and the kitten is 3 months. I’m thinking about calling the vet, but I want some advice first.

@Barbara It looks like your cats are getting used to each other, and a scratchy meow here and there isn’t unusual.

It’s good to stay alert to any concerns.

Here is what might be happening:

  • New kitten: Bringing in a new kitten can stir things up. A change in their meows from playful fighting is common.
  • Fleas: Fleas can make cats itchy and scratchy, which might cause a raspy meow. Luckily, you’ve already treated this.
  • Check with the vet: If the scratchy meow almost stops but you’re still worried, a vet visit can clear up any worries and check for other issues.

Keep watching how your cats interact. If the unusual meow comes back or if your older cat seems sluggish or uneasy, it might be the best time to take your kitten to the Vet.

For now, things seem to be improving nicely

I’m sorry to hear that your cat is not feeling well. It’s important to seek professional veterinary advice as soon as possible, especially if your cat’s symptoms are concerning. While I can provide some general advice, it’s crucial to have a veterinarian examine your cat to determine the underlying cause of these symptoms and provide appropriate treatment. If there’s no vet available in your area, consider reaching out to animal welfare organizations or neighboring areas for assistance. It’s important to prioritize your cat’s health and well-being.

A scratchy meow in cats can be caused by rough play, a recent flea treatment, or even a virus.

Since you’ve got a new kitten and they’ve been active together, it might be linked to their interactions.

However, if you’re concerned about a possible viral infection or if the change in meow persists, it would be a good idea to consult your vet for a thorough checkup to ensure both cats are healthy.

It sounds like the rough play with the new kitten could be causing the change in your cat’s meow, though a virus might also be a possibility. Since it improved, keep monitoring them. If it worsens or doesn’t fully resolve, or if other symptoms appear, consulting your vet would be wise.