Is it Okay to Hug My Cat While We're Sleeping?

Hey guys, I’ve got a super affectionate cat and lately I’ve been hugging him while he’s resting or napping. I’ll put one arm underneath his body, offering my hand as a sort of pillow, and then the other arm over his body, without putting any actual weight on him. It’s kind of like how someone would hold a teddy bear while sleeping, but I don’t squeeze him.

He usually purrs softly or loudly during this, sometimes he doesn’t make any noise at all. I always keep my arms loose so he can easily ‘escape’. Sometimes he yawns or adjusts his position slightly, but he usually stays in my embrace (actually, I’m usually the one who gets bored of hugging first, haha).

Most nights he comes to lie down right next to me before going to sleep, but sometimes he chooses to sleep in other spots like the linen closet or even the bath mat. But usually if I lie down, he’ll lie down next to me.

I always thought this was fine, but I’ve read online that cats might not like being hugged because it makes them feel like prey. They might stay still out of fear, like a deer in headlights, and the purring could be their way of calming themselves if they’re nervous. Now I’m worried I’ve been stressing out my cat during what I thought was a nice, relaxing moment. Do you think my cat just has Stockholm syndrome because he depends on me for food and shelter?

How can I tell if my cat is actually comfortable or not?

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Let him initiate cuddling and respect his boundaries.

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You mentioned that your cat has the freedom to leave your embrace and that you keep your arms loose. This is a good sign. If your cat were truly distressed, he would likely try to escape or avoid being hugged in the future :sweat_smile:.