Is getting a hamster worth the pain of their short life span?

For the past month, :hamster: Syrian hamsters have captured my attention, and I truly wish I could acquire one. I’ve done a lot of research about them, and I find the thought of creating a welcoming and stimulating home for one to be very thrilling. The only problem is that, knowing how brief their lives are, I fear being heartbroken when they pass away. Although I don’t think anyone handles the loss of a furry best friend well, I take their passing quite personally. Is there anyone highly sensitive who would be willing to share if they felt it was worth it? :broken_heart:

It’s normal to worry about a hamster’s short lifespan before bringing one home. They bring lots of joy, though, and many owners find it worth it despite the eventual sadness.

Have you given rats any thought? They are gregarious, clever creatures (obtain at least 2). Very charming. Enough space to avoid getting lost.

And guinea pigs. Not as smart but still quite gregarious, with added cute vocalizations. They outlive rats by a small margin.

Having said that, I had rats for a while. They are the tiniest dogs.

They wouldn’t last long enough for me to have them again.