Is diatomaceous earth safe for cats?

I’m reading about diatomaceous earth being used for fleas. Is it safe to use or not? I see people saying it will cause lung damage if inhaled.

Diatomaceous earth (DE), derived from fossilized diatoms, is commonly employed for flea control due to its ability to dehydrate and kill fleas by damaging their exoskeletons. While food-grade DE is generally safe for use around humans and pets, inhalation of excessive dust can lead to respiratory irritation. To minimize risks, it’s crucial to wear a dust mask during application and to ensure pets and children avoid direct contact with treated areas. Cleanup is essential to remove excess powder, and it’s advisable to consult with a veterinarian or pest control expert if there are concerns about DE usage around pets. Overall, when applied cautiously and following safety guidelines, diatomaceous earth can effectively combat fleas while posing minimal risks to health.

Although diatomaceous earth (DE) poses a danger of inhalation due to its small particles, it can be beneficial against fleas. Food-grade DE is typically safe to use as long as it is applied carefully, however wearing a mask during application can reduce the danger of inhalation. Seek advice from a veterinarian or exterminator for specific advice on your circumstances.