Is Dawn dish soap safe for cats?

I think I used the wrong kind of Dawn to wash my kitten.

I remember when I first got my kitten, Luna, and I wanted to make sure she was clean and safe from fleas. I read that Dawn dish soap is effective for washing pets, but I mistakenly grabbed the Dawn with bleach alternative. After washing her, I noticed she seemed uncomfortable and her fur was dry. I quickly realized my mistake and rinsed her thoroughly with water.

Concerned, I called the vet who advised me to use only the original blue Dawn in the future as it’s safe for pets and gentle on their skin. They reassured me that Luna would be fine but emphasized the importance of using the right product. Since then, I always double-check the label to ensure I’m using the correct type of Dawn, avoiding any harsh chemicals that could harm my furry friend.

Yes it is
While Dawn dish soap is safe for cats and many pet owners find it useful, you’re better off using cat shampoo specially formulated for a cat’s skin.

Dawn dish soap is safe, maybe your cat has some allergies you are not aware of