I need a GPS dog tracker that beeps

Hey Folks! :paw_prints: My dog and I love romping through the woods together, but I struggle to find a GPS collar that beeps (Beep-beep!). :evergreen_tree: Everything either needs a subscription or is just a training collar. I don’t want a shock collar. My 6-year-old, 60lb redbone coonhound is used to her beep-beep! collar but it lacks GPS. Any recommendations? The budget is flexible. Thanks! :dog::sparkles:

I also have a pup who loves exploring the woods, and finding the right GPS collar can be a challenge. I’ve used the Fi GPS collar for my dog, and it’s been great. It beeps without any shocking, and while there’s a subscription for full features, it’s worth it for peace of mind. Plus, it’s super durable for our adventures.

You can try Tractive; it does beep. The buzzer may be slightly delayed at times, but it is still effective.