How to register dog as emotional support animal

Hello! I’m an 18-year-old dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and BPD. Previously, I discussed with my therapist the idea of having an emotional support animal; I had a tortoise from a questionable breeder, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Now, I’m considering adopting a dog from a shelter and registering them as my emotional support animal so I can have them in my dorm. Can you guide me on the steps to make this happen?

Hey, am going to share with you the steps I followed to register my dog as emotional support animal.
So just follow the steps below:

  • Meet with a licensed therapist or doctor who offers ESA evaluations.
  • Talk openly and honestly about the obstacles you’re facing and your relationship with your animal.
  • Ask your provider to write you an ESA letter on their letterhead.
  • Enter your animal’s information to register on the US National Registry.
  • Receive your Certificate & ID In The Mail Fast!

Hold on a sec, while registering your dog as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) is possible, there are a couple of steps missing and some key points to consider:

1. There’s no official ESA registry: The US National Registry, or any online registry for that matter, doesn’t hold any legal weight. What truly qualifies your pup as an ESA is a letter from a licensed mental health professional.

2. Therapist evaluation is key: A therapist or doctor needs to assess your mental health and determine if an ESA can genuinely benefit your condition. They’ll write a letter on their official letterhead stating this. This letter is what you’ll use for housing or travel purposes.

Here’s a more accurate breakdown of the process:

  1. Talk to a licensed therapist: Discuss your mental health needs and how your dog helps you manage them.
  2. Get an ESA letter: If the therapist agrees, they’ll provide a letter stating your condition and how your dog alleviates it.
  3. Show the letter when needed: When requesting ESA accommodation (like in no-pet housing), present this official letter from your therapist.

Here are some resources for further info:

Hey that’s interesting.

While there’s no official registry needed for ESAs in the US, getting a letter from a licensed therapist or doctor is definitely the key step.

Would you like to hear some tips on finding a mental health professional who offers ESA evaluations?

You stole my thunder.

Exactly, skip the registry and head straight to a qualified therapist.

Their letter is the golden ticket for your furry friend to become a certified ESA.

Love the resources you included, especially