How do you know if a dog is blind?

My dog is around 11 years old now and sleeps most of the time. Her eyes are somewhat cloudy, but I’ve noticed them like this ever since we got her.

Cloudy eyes in older dogs can be a sign of several things, including cataracts or other age-related changes in the lens. While cloudy eyes alone don’t necessarily mean your dog is blind, there are other signs to watch for. If she bumps into objects frequently, seems disoriented in familiar places, or reacts differently to visual stimuli, those could be indicators. It might be best to have your vet check her eyes to be sure.

Do you honestly believe that I didn’t consult a veterinarian? Although I asked a veterinarian, I’m still concerned that his diagnosis was incorrect. I’m asking Reddit because of this.

As dogs age, some cloudiness in their eyes is normal. “Most dogs develop a haze within the lens, known as nuclear sclerosis, which is similar to cataracts,”