How Do I Register My Pet as an Emotional Support Animal?

Hi Folks,

I’ve been dealing with anxiety for a while now, and my therapist suggested that having an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) might help me manage my symptoms. I have a wonderful dog named Max, who has been a great comfort to me during tough times, and I’d like to register him as my ESA.

However, I’m not sure where to start. Can anyone guide me through the process of registering Max as an ESA? What are the steps involved, and are there any specific requirements or documentation I need to be aware of? Also, are there any legitimate organizations or resources I should use to avoid scams?

I really appreciate any advice or personal experiences you can share. Thank you so much…

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I’m delighted you are considering making Max an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). To begin, consult a licenced therapist or doctor who can analyse your needs and conduct an ESA evaluation. During your appointment, be candid about your challenges and how Max can help. Request an ESA letter on their official letterhead, explaining your ailment, how Max supports you, and include their expert advice. Give the letter to your landlord if you rent, as the Fair Housing Authority Act (FHA) preserves your entitlement to an ESA without additional fees or refusal of housing. Avoid frauds and register Max with reputable organisations such as the US National Service Animal Registry, get a certificate and ID.