How do I help an extremely matted cat?

Almost a year ago, our old cat (17 years old) disappeared for about 3 months. We thought he had wandered off and died since he was an outdoor cat. We mourned and moved on. But after 3 months, he came back looking terrible. He had some small wounds that healed on their own, but his fur is extremely matted and full of dirt. It must itch and hurt a lot. I asked my mom to take him to a vet or groomer, but she said it’s too expensive for an old cat. I care about him a lot but don’t have money for a vet. I tried brushing and cutting the mats, but he gets aggressive after a few minutes. I think shaving him myself is the only option. Do you have any tips?

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Get assistance transporting the cat to the animal shelter in your community so you may turn him in. It is not your mother’s place to own animals.

If you’re not old enough to live alone and take care of animals, perhaps you might volunteer at the shelter as a way to give back.

Even though he might only be put to sleep, at least he would no longer be in misery throughout his golden years till his passing.