Help with my dogs paw allergies

My 2-year-old lab/Shepard mix has been experiencing skin and paw allergies, which lead him to gnaw and lick his paws until they bleed. He even eats off pieces of his pads, which causes him to walk with a limp. When we visited the veterinarian, they informed us that their only option was to give him the medication Apoquel, which I have studied and found to have an unsatisfactory side effect.

If someone has experienced something similar and knows of any effective solutions, please let me know.

Switching to a hypoallergenic diet or trying foods with novel proteins like duck or venison might help identify and eliminate the allergen.

What sort of nourishment do you feed your dog? I’ve had several animal buddies with food allergies who would experience consistent itching in their paws. Though there might be other reasons as well, chicken is the most frequent offender in this kind of situation that I am aware of.