Genuine question, why do vets push Royal Canin or science diet so hard?

Had two different vets with our cats and dog. They always seem to give a sales schpiel about how amazingly formulated these brands are.

But then I look at the ingredients and all I see is garbage? Like dog food first ingredient is chicken meal then it’s rice and wheat and corn and oils. Similar with cat foods. Our one cat had digestive problems, and we fed them a gastro for a bit, but eventually switched it out once things settled. They’re on orijen Prairie red now and their fur is so much better and they just feel and seem healthier and happier over all.

I feed my pets what I’d want to eat. Reading the ingredients from these brands makes me not want to eat it. It just seems like it’s all cheap fillers and crap with very little meat protein.

It’s great that you prioritize high-quality nutrition for your pets, avoiding fillers like corn and wheat. Opting for diets with meat, fish, and eggs, like Orijen, can improve their fur, skin, and digestion. It’s important to choose a pet food with ingredients you trust, ensuring their health and happiness.