Fetch Pet Insurance: Unethical and Disgusting Business Practices

Hey fellow cat owners, I’m here with a PSA and a request for advice. We recently got Fetch insurance for both of our cats and, as instructed by the company, filled in all the requested medical records for the 12 months leading up to the start of our policy. Both cats were previously healthy with no prior conditions.

Two months into the policy, one of our cats developed a very swollen stomach and started showing lethargic behavior. Our vet, whom I am also extremely displeased with, diagnosed her with Ascites, a very serious and potentially fatal condition. Naturally, we followed the recommendation to seek urgent ultrasound care and prepare to have the fluid drained. However, after an ultrasound, it was revealed that it wasn’t Ascites, but just inflammation from a food allergy. We switched her food, and she has been back to normal. This ordeal left us with a $2400 bill.

We were relieved that we had decided to get insurance, thinking it would cover such emergencies. That relief was short-lived. Fetch declined our claim, stating that we failed to take her for a routine checkup showing all clear after starting insurance but before the emergency occurred. Now, we have no choice but to pay out of pocket. :cry:

I’m planning to cancel our policy with Fetch and am seeking advice. Can I get any assistance from the vet? I’m upset that they jumped to conclusions and made us fear for our pet’s life. I’m doubly mad at Fetch for not specifying, reminding, or stating that this specific requirement was necessary.

Please, any help is appreciated. This situation is financially devastating for us, and I’m at a loss for what to do. :pensive:

Thank you in advance. :pray:

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I do not have any suggestions for you, but I appreciate you sharing your experience with pet insurance. I’ve heard conflicting opinions on whether or not it’s a good idea, so I’d like to hear about anyone else’s experiences as well. I’m so sorry you and your cat had to go through this.