Easy pets to take care of

Hi there! I’m on the hunt for a low-maintenance pet. I initially considered a turtle, but the tank size and potential odor are deterrents. Goldfish seemed like an option, but they require more than just a bowl. Spiders crossed my mind, but the idea is a tad creepy for me. Snakes are cool, but their tanks are massive, and gerbils demand attention and can produce unpleasant odors.

Are there any overlooked options—bugs, reptiles, mammals, or fish—that fit the bill? I’m envisioning a pet that I can feed occasionally, clean its habitat every so often, and mainly enjoy observing.

Apologies if this sounds silly. I’m simply seeking companionship without the space constraints and fear of inadvertently neglecting a pet due to my depression.

Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. Your kindness means a lot to me, especially during this tough period. Stick bugs, a terrarium with a snail (wouldn’t it look lovely with my plants?), or perhaps raising and releasing caterpillars are currently topping my list of considerations. Hmm…

it’s important to acknowledge your thoughtful approach to finding a pet that suits your lifestyle and mental health needs. It’s not silly at all; in fact, it’s responsible and compassionate.

Your considerations for low-maintenance pets like stick bugs, snails in a terrarium, or raising and releasing caterpillars are excellent options.

Stick bugs, in particular, are fascinating to observe and require minimal care, mainly feeding on fresh leaves.

A terrarium with a snail could indeed be a beautiful addition to your space, and snails are generally low-maintenance pets that enjoy a simple diet and a humid environment.

Raising and releasing caterpillars can also be a rewarding experience, allowing you to witness the fascinating transformation into butterflies or moths.

Try these two hedgehogs or hamsters, but note that hedgehogs indeed have specific needs and require more care compared to hamsters. While they can make wonderful pets for the right person, they might not be suitable for those with minimal experience in animal care. Hamsters, on the other hand, are generally easier and simpler to care for.