Does anyone have a plott hound and German shepherd mix?

What can you share about this breed? I am interested in their behaviors, likes and dislikes, temperaments, and how they get along with cats, dogs, and kids. Is there anything specific I should know?


It is a blend; there are no genetically preset behaviours. It could have one, both, or neither.

I got into it a bit late, but I’ve had my dog for the past eight years. He’s an SPCA rescue with some trauma, making him quite protective. He loves to sniff around, enjoys long walks, and is easily trainable. He’s always been great with cats and children, but he’s very cautious around adults and certain dog breeds.

We have a 2-year-old female who is spayed. She is incredibly friendly and protective of our six great-grandchildren. She loves to play ball, tug-of-war with a rope, or any other game. Her bark is deep and not shrill, and she only barks briefly. She is very mellow and only becomes aggressive during play, which we always initiate. She calms down quickly. We love this intelligent dog; she’s a gentle giant. I call her tough as nails and would hate to see her in attack mode because she’s a lot stronger than the German shepherds I’ve had in the past. We got lucky with her, as it’s always a gamble with a pup’s genetics, but I think we made a good bet.