Do cats sleep at night?

My boyfriend just got a cat. She’s 9 months old and really loves to cuddle with us. At night, though, she meows loudly and scratches at the closet door, which makes it hard for us to sleep. Do you think she’ll grow out of this behavior?

Cats aren’t like us! They have their own sleep schedule and tend to get the zoomies at night. That’s because they’re natural hunters who stalk prey at dawn and dusk, making them crepuscular. This nighttime energy burst can be tough on cat owners who might lose sleep thanks to their kitty’s “night crazies.”

Cats rarely sleep through the night, therefore there’s no chance that this will happen.

Unlike most animals, cats are more active in the evening and early in the morning. This condition worsens at night as cats rarely sleep and this consequently interferes with the sleep of most cat owners.