Do cats kill snakes

Hello to all of you. I’m concerned about snakes surrounding my house because I recently moved to a place where there are a lot of them. Regarding my two cats, I’ve heard conflicting reports concerning their ability to manage snakes. Are cats capable of eliminating snakes, or should I look into other pest management measures? Any firsthand knowledge or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. Regards ahead of time!


Of course! they can kill snakes, but cats usually want to get away from them. But snakes might bite to defend themselves if they feel cornered or threatened.


Cats are incredibly effective hunting machines, despite their small size. Their hunting prowess is only hindered by human activities and the loss of habitats, as well as larger predators. I have witnessed cats successfully hunting and killing a wide variety of prey, as long as it moves.

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They certainly can. During my breakfast at the kitchen table when I was sixteen, my cat raced up with joy and put a black snake (which was injured but still alive) into my cereal bowl while I was still half asleep.

Her cat persona was inside-only. How the snake got in, we don’t know.

Yes, they can. At the age of eighteen, while I was seated at the dining table, having breakfast, my cat bounded over with enthusiasm and deposited a black snake right into my bowl of cereal.

Those are what one would call arch enemies, they do not see eye to eye. Fortunately, in most meetings cats emerge victorious

Some cats, especially bigger breeds, might take on a snake, but it’s a gamble. A bite, even from a non-venomous snake, could be trouble for your kitty. Don’t rely solely on your cats. Look into other pest control methods to keep snakes away from your house.