Cheapest hypoallergenic cats

I’ve always dreamed of having a cat, but there’s a hitch: my mother-in-law is allergic to any cat that isn’t hypoallergenic (like Russian Blues, Abyssinians, or Siamese). Surprisingly, I have a great relationship with her, so I need to find a hypoallergenic cat. The trouble is, I can’t seem to find one that fits the bill and isn’t exorbitantly priced. I’ve been checking my local humane society and Craigslist religiously, but no luck so far. Plus, I want to raise it from kittenhood to hopefully have it get along with (or at least tolerate) my chiweenie. Any suggestions, or am I destined to be without a cat?

Research has shown that hypoallergenic dogs and cats aren’t real. Although this study didn’t focus on cats, others have found the same thing with “hypoallergenic” cat breeds like Balinese, Javanese, and even hairless cats.
Interestingly, male cats that aren’t neutered produce more allergenic substances than neutered or female cats. Also, lighter-colored cats seem to produce fewer allergens. So, if you’re looking for a cat, it’s better to choose a light-haired, neutered one. Plus, consider adopting rather than buying because many cats need homes. Take your mother-in-law along to see if there are any cats she can tolerate. :joy: