Can you have an otter as a pet?

Lately, I’ve been inundated with otter recommendations on Instagram. While they’re undeniably adorable, I’m skeptical about keeping them in an apartment with limited space and little access to water for swimming.

I’m curious about how this otter trend began. Are there humane ways to care for them, or are they strictly suited to the wild?

Just to clarify, I’m not considering getting a pet otter. My girlfriend and I often discuss these viral trends and I’d like to gather reliable information on the topic.

While otters are undeniably attractive, keeping them in an apartment with limited room and easy access to water for swimming presents significant challenges. Otters require special circumstances, like as access to water for swimming, which are difficult to meet in an apartment setting. Their food and environmental requirements are more adapted to the wild. Otters should not be kept as pets, it is critical to enjoy them in their natural environment.

Yes, you can own an otter if you are a trained rehabilitation specialist or something similar.