Can whiskers grow back?

Hi everyone,
So, today, the vet cut my cat’s whiskers while trimming its hair. I told the vet that cats need their whiskers for balance. He said it’s fine, as cats only need them in the wild. Now, I’m really worried about my cat. I hope someone can give me a clear answer or help me.

Although whiskers improve a cat’s sense of balance and spatial awareness, they usually regrow. But their disappearance could make your cat temporarily confused. Keep an eye on its actions and surroundings to make sure it’s safe inside. Seek comfort or guidance on potential problem mitigation from another veterinarian if you observe any strange behavior or imbalance.


It’s understandable to be concerned, but rest assured, your cat will be okay. While whiskers do aid in balance, cutting them won’t cause any harm. They’ll grow back naturally. Just ensure your cat feels comfortable and safe indoors until they do. If you have further worries, consult another vet for peace of mind.

yes, whiskers have the ability to regrow. When they are lost or trimmed, it typically takes between 6 weeks to 3 months for a cat’s whiskers to grow back to a functional length. The regrowth rate for dogs varies but generally aligns with their hair growth rate.