Can cats eat honey?

I enjoy eating peanut butter and honey on toast, and my cat loves peanut butter too. She often begs for a taste, so I give her a little from my finger. I know honey can be dangerous for babies, but is it safe for cats? Should I be cautious when giving her peanut butter mixed with honey?

Cats can safely consume honey. only for little sweets. against that I could say no to a face like that, but I should mention something about against letting your cat eat fatty things like that.

Because of botulism, infants should not be given honey; yet, they can contract the disease by touching or breathing in dust. For this reason, you also shouldn’t let a baby play with the vacuum cleaner or place them on the floor.

Dogs and cats are particularly immune to botulism. If they do get sick, it’s more likely that they ate a disgusting, decomposing cadaver than honey.