Are there dog toys for aggressive chewers?

My 9-month-old chocolate lab mix has developed a habit of chewing household items like slippers and mats, even destroying a pen. Despite trying recommended chew toys, she quickly destroys them. Seeking advice or training methods to stop her from chewing household items while she’s still a puppy. Replacement items aren’t an issue, but stopping her from chewing on my belongings is a priority.

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It sounds like your puppy might be going through a phase of exploration and teething. Here are a few strategies you could try:

  1. Increase exercise and mental stimulation to tire her out.
  2. Supervise closely and redirect her attention to appropriate chew toys whenever she starts chewing on household items.
  3. Use bitter apple spray or a similar deterrent on items she’s prone to chewing.
  4. Consistently reinforce positive behavior with praise and rewards when she chews on appropriate items.

Yes, toys made of natural rubber, such as the Goughnuts 0.75 Black Ring Pro 50, do exist and are indeed considered some of the best dog toys for tough chewers. They are known for being durable while also being gentle on a dog’s teeth and gums.

Dog toys crafted from natural rubber, such as the Goughnuts 0.75 Black Ring Pro 50, stand out as top choices for dogs that love to chew vigorously.
These toys offer a combination of durability and gentleness, ensuring they are safe for a dog’s teeth and gums.