Are there any GPS dog trackers that actually do what they claim?

I do not see why most of these products are so defective. I could strap my old iPhone 5 to my dog and track it via Google Maps location sharing and I would have it in real time, accurate down to a few feet, and it would still last a few hours. I asked one of them what the deal was and they said in the interest of extending battery life they have to sacrifice GPS accuracy and update frequency. So basically, instead of making a product that doesn’t work when the battery dies, they’ve gone the interesting route of just making a product that doesn’t ever work. Have you guys come across any products that work?

I have tried many GPS trackers, all with perfect accuracy down to the smallest detail.

But the problem is their batteries do not last long. Depending on how good the signal is, they might only work for a day. So if your dog is lost for more than a day, it is hard to find them.

The best way to keep your dog safe is to train them well, so they always stay close to you. My two dogs, a Jit and a Tzu, love to explore, but they always check on me. If they can’t see me, they come back to find me.

I take care of a couple’s dogs, and they use a special Whistle Tracker for them. It’s pretty good, even when their internet isn’t that great.
The tracker shows where the dogs are on a map, helps find them nearby, tracks their activity, and checks their health.
The battery also lasts about three days, which is pretty good.