Are there any budget-friendly alternatives for kitten milk?

I’m a college student in Chicago, and I found a little kitten on the highway today. I’m wondering what to feed the baby. So far, I’ve made gruel out of a wet food packet, which seems to work, but I can’t afford to keep buying wet food like this.

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@LizCampbell, I think goat’s milk can be used for many more animals than other kinds of milk. I once cared for mice, not kittens, and fed them powdered goat’s milk even though the package showed puppies and kittens.

After feeding, make sure to rub her belly gently in a downward motion towards her privates. You also need to softly stimulate her privates with a damp cloth to help her poop and pee. If her belly becomes big and bloated, baby gas drops (simethicone) can be lifesaving.

Consider giving a young kitten wet food designed specifically for kittens or kitten formula. These choices offer vital nutrients for development. A homemade substitute like scrambled eggs or cooked chicken is another option. Seek advice from a veterinarian on appropriate feeding practices and the transition to solid meals.